“We develop a community where engaged runners, non-profits and corporations join forces to create positive awareness around social & environmental issues and to accelerate impactful change.”

Once upon a time Thomas was running the 20km of Brussels and thought about the power of all of these people sharing a passion and running together. What if they could also share a purpose? Run together for something greater than themselves whenever they want.

It was clear to him that he needed some magic ingredients to make his vision of a community of sweaty changemakers a reality: a better understanding of the industry, an innovative environment to work in and some entrepreneurial minds who share his unreasonableness. So he decided to move to the capital of innovation and foolishness: San Francisco. During a Master of Social Entrepreneurship program he met Magali and Olivier who soon decided to join the Atlas adventure. Magali’s passion for running, social impact & marketing was a direct fit! Oli was less passionate about running but his strategic thinking and CSR expertise made Atlas a reality ! Together they founded Atlas and built a scalable social business and impact model around Thomas’ initial idea. Along the way the three were lucky to meet Seo – an amazing developer – through some strokes of fate including a late Lyft Line ride. She brought the much needed technical skills into the team and was able to make the launch of the first version of Atlas on March 31 2017 a reality!

Together they’re now running the change in San Francisco and building this community thanks to you!


Our aspiration is to create Atlas challenges that:

  • Increase the amount of funding available for a cause by incentivizing corporations and runners to give more
  • Build awareness and empathy around the social and environmental issues our nonprofit partners tackle and to give their beneficiaries a channel and a voice
  • Engage our users to go beyond running by providing them with opportunities to become active, compassionate change makers
Get your rear in gear - $1000 100%
Mobility for Ability - $1000 100%
Run to fight youth Unemployment - CHR 10.000 100%
The spring 2017 GOTR 5k - $250 100%
Petit Jules deviendra grand - €2000 100%
Challenge des collègues de la MC - €250 100%
Run to fight hunger in Westchester - $10.000 30%
Outrun Homelessness with AT&T - $10.000 43%
If we drive we go for 0,0% - €5000 54%
Eurocross for a cause - €1000 18%