Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

You choose a challenge and run on the Atlas app as much as you can. You will raise 25¢ for every mile you run for a non-profit partner! Help to spread the word by posting your runs on your personal social media channels and ask your friends to join our community of sweaty change makers.

We focus today on running because all you need is to put your shoes on and you are ready to go! You can run anywhere and can team up to run with your buddies. All you need is the power of will to run the extra mile for others. You can also walk. We won’t judge you.

No, we are a for profit C-Corp (in the process of becoming a Benefit Corporation.) This means that the money we generate is distributed fairly to all stakeholders involved in the making of Atlas. We generate money thanks to our corporate sponsors.  Every time you spread the word you help us improve Atlas and keep it running. It is important to note that we do not take a cut from the amount that is raised through Atlas. 100% of the funds you raise while running go directly from the corporate sponsor to the cause you are running for. 

You can give us feedback through the Apple Store review system. Good reviews help us gain visibility and understand how we can improve. If you want to get in touch with us directly shoot us a message at hello@atlasrun.com. Our development team is always happy to hear from you!

We’re always happy to see corporations wanting to get involved. Magali handles our business relations. Contact her at magali@atlasrun.com or visit www.atlasrun.com/workwithus for more information

The more the merrier. Magali handles our business relations. You can contact her at magali@atlasrun.com with some more information about the non-profit and why you think this is an important cause to run for! She is looking forward to hear from you!

Congratulations on going the extra mile! Most of our non-profit partners are looking for volunteers. You can contact us at hello@atlasrun.com for more information about volunteering opportunities and ways to get involved with Atlas.

That’s a great question! Brand Ambassadors push Atlas forward. Thomas handles our runner community. Contact him at thomas@atlasrun.com with some information about yourself and why you are the best for the job! We can also help you run events to push your ideas forward! Thomas is looking forward to hear from you!

We are only available on the US Apple Store today. We are expanding to other countries soon. Next stop: Belgium! Shoot us an email at hello@atlasrun.com if you want us to come to your country faster.

We are only available on the Apple Store (iOS) today. We want to reach as many sweaty changemakers as possible. This is why Android is on our priority board. But it’s a whole other coding story. Email us at hello@atlasrun.com if you can help!

Once upon a time Thomas was running the 20km of Brussels and thought about the power of all of these people running together. These people share a passion. What if they could also share a purpose? Run together for something greater than themselves whenever they want.

It was clear to him that he needed two things: a better understanding of the industry and an innovative environment to work in. So he decided to move to the capital of innovation and foolishness: San Francisco. Thomas had this ambitious dream of wanting to create a global community of sweaty changemakers and was lucky enough to find two people who shared his unreasonableness: Magali & Olivier. They all met as they studied their Master of Social Entrepreneurship. Magali’s passion for running, social impact & marketing was a direct fit and Oli’s CSR and financial planning expertise was a no brainer! Together they’re now running the change in San Francisco and building this community thanks to you!

We wanted to come up with a name that represented strength, credibility and community. First of all Atlas represents the globe illustrating this global community of changemakers we want to build. Atlas is also the name of the Titan that is supporting the world on his shoulders. The Titan represents the strength that each one of us can have to push this world forward. Each person can make his impact. Whoever he/she is  and wherever he/she comes from. Even you!