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Engage with your customers to actively market your products and brand in an innovative, efficient and positive manner by creating social impact in the communities you operate.


Be part of a socially minded community and run the change you want to see in your world. Run for local nonprofits and receive live feedback from your community through the app and sponsored events. Follow your friends for inspiration and share your runs developing a community of changemakers.

Non-profit Organization

Raise resources and awareness to fund your mission while developing engaged partnerships with corporations and your local community.

How Atlas works

1st step

Download the app and choose a project you want to run for.

2nd step

Go for a run.

3rd step

Take a sweaty (sexy) selfie.

4th step

Post the selfie and see what impact you made.

What do runners think

“Atlas motivates me to go even further.”

Lars Germany

“Atlas offers me the opportunity to help others by doing something I just enjoy.”

Sybille Germany

“Atlas is the little push that gets me out of the door.”

MP Canada

“Atlas is like drugs: Combining compassion, Social Media, and Running is so addictive!”

Louis Columbia

“Running is great, running for other is Magic!”

Andrea Spain

About us

Atlas is a community driven running app that allows users to raise money to help solve some of the biggest social problems. This social network connects runners to non profit organizations through a donation by a sponsoring corporation.

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